Help with a purchased theme with no support


I thought I had done my research when taking the dive to create a website (but didn’t consult trustpilot).

I needed a theme to give me the basics of what I needed so that I could start to build and create the site myself.

Unfortunately after uploading the paid for theme I’ve found it crashes my WP Admin dashboard and puts up a 500 Internal server error message on the domain. I have tried to contact the theme creators ([link-removed]) via support, email and finally through their refund link and have not had a response well over the suggested wait for response time.

If I am left with a non-working theme and no refund, is there any developers kind enough to have a look at the script to see if it is a single problem easy to fix or a long overhaul that will cost me further.

After the initial set up costs and paying enginethemes for what was meant to be a fully functioning and working theme I really do not want to go through further expense at this early stage.

Many Thanks

Hey there @Weshbk, we’re sorry to hear about your experience, but rest assured, if you’ve purchased support and you’re not receiving it, or if the item you’ve purchased is broken and the author is not willing to provide a refund or is not responding to your messages, Envato Support will be able to help you.

Please visit this page and fill in the form (don’t use the Request a Refund button if you’ve already opened a refund request and you haven’t received a reply) and the awesome folks at Envato Customer Success will assist you shortly.



Did you contact your hosting? Because you have maybe low cost hosting , old version of PHP etc.
A the end what themeforest have with your purchase? You have buy on their site not on themeforest

Just in case - you don’t have a buyer badge here. Did you buy it from ThemeForest or direct from the author?

Здравствуйте! Я из России - купила WOfifice - распаковали - поставили на World Press, но не можем запустить - перевели на русский язык… можно ли получить помощь в настройке? есть специалисты на русском языке?

Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с разработчиком темы. Это просто общие форумы. -> WOffice Theme

Hi, Direct from the author.

I understand its not from Themeforest after seeing reviews indicating the company behind the theme may be a scam (still not confirmed) I was told themeforest is a reputable source and has a good community.

My reason for posting in the forum is to see if anyone who is a developer can tell me if it is something I can remedy without a lot more financial cost or if it will cost a developer a high premium to fix the issues?

Ah, now I understand. You purchased it from the page you’ve given, it’s a theme unrelated to ThemeForest. In that case I can recommend that you try Envato Studio for freelance and customization services. It’s a bullet-proof service, where your money is safe until you approve the customization / fix you requested.

Did you contact your hosting? 500 error indicate problem with hosting , maybe you have low memory on hosting. Can you send me link from your site?