This was the chat that I posted on the theme website. I was told 2 days and I still have not received a refund.
I have been waiting for over a week and I still have not received a refund. Your template will not work with Wordpress and in fact it broke the Wordpress website. I have a support ticket over a week ago and I gave you access to the Wordpress site, I have sent you the Wordpress error and the error is from your master theme plugin. I can not use your template as it breaks the site. You asked me for log in to my hosting and I have many website on my hosing and I don’t want to let you have access to all of my accounts. Also last week I was talking with my hosting company and it has nothing to do with my hosting account. Again it is the master theme plugin. The only way to make this template work is if you fix the master plugin. PLEASE GIVE ME A REFUND ASAP! I am already behind on this website and my customer keep asking about the website. I have been with Themeforest for over a decade, however I will not be using them if I can not get a refund. Your them does not work so why should I have to pay for your template that I can not use.

Contact the item author for the support and if you still can’t find a solution, request a refund

I have reached out to them a week ago and set up a support ticket. They emailed 5 days after my support ticket.They emailed me a new download template only to have the same error on my Wordpress site. I had to remove all files twice because I got the same error and I could not even log into the website. I have so many emails to them only to be ignored and the Wordpress error was a main plugin that you have to have to use this template. I have been with Themeforest for over a decade and if I do not receive a refund I will NEVER purchase anything again. I am already looking into other options. Why should I have to pay for a template that I can not use. I am so far behind on my customer website being a week out and still no resolution. They need to stand behind their template.

You can clearly see it is their main plugin that shows the error.

According to the screenshot, it looks like you have problem with WordPress.Com hosting service. You should contact their support first.

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