I spend $42 for something not working?

I am using Themeforest for few years and the first time I buyed something not working.

The Template is: Digicove - Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme by Bravis-Themes

I trusted to design and User Reviews but seems like this tema is a garbage.
Why do I am saying that?
Because theme is not working. I tried with 2 hosting (one is VDS.)
On VDS I setup template successfully but my admin panel starting works so slowly. (30 sec for a click and wait.)

After I thinked maybe the VDS is the reason about this issue and I boughted a Wordpress Plan.
But in this Wordpress Hosting “I tried multiple times to setup” and I failed multiple times as well too.

I try to get some help from Author but their support is also garbage.
2 day ago they asked me about my Wordpress Panel details.
I sended in few hour.
Now they are asking for my FTP Details.

Also they demo import area is sucks.
They had 8 demo but you can not choose a demo, you have to import it all and as you can know it’s make my website slow.

Why does I spended my 2 day?
Why does I spended my money for something is not working.

How does ThemeForest can give this theme to “Well Documanted.”

I just want refund because I can not use this template and I am bored.

It’s probably your hosting service has limitations or you may need to configure the PHP and other settings to make it work faster.

I am using Wordpress CMS and I care every single details.
Basicly: On theme panel I can see all details I have to do.
And I did everything.
Even I check Wordpress, PHP version, different hosts but problem is same.
Six month ago someone just said what is wrong and they did not solve it in 6 month.
Thank you Envato because we are just spending our time and money for something not working :slight_smile:







How many proof you need for this stupid theme?

Most of the buyers has limited knowledge even with the simple tasks e.g importing the demo content - so, I don’t need any more proof as I’m telling you this from my experience especially while I was working at Envato Studio as “WordPress Installation Service” provider.

They were complaining about the same/similar issues but at the end of the service I provided, everything was working fine.

Anyway, if you want refund, follow the link I have provided earlier. Good luck

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