How can i Get refund ?

I purchased a wordpress theme and made a wordpress website, but The theme is very bad page speed and using so many plugins to make it work, the theme creator is not ready to provide refund. Can i rise a refund request? What should i do Now?


Thanks for asking your question at here(envato forum).
as your word i think you are not able to get refund cause you have download theme and use it before purchase you can check any website page speed this is your mistake.
Envato have some envato refund policy for their customer and author that link bellowed

Hope you understand


Is the slow speed because of the theme?

What is the demo on here like?
Could it be hosting related?
Is the site optimised eg image sizes, minified code etc?

Thanks , I am checking the links

you can ask to the author to make speed up that purchase theme

With other themes i am getting good speed - so my hosting is okay.
i am using wp-rocket plugin - my images are broken so disabled lazy loading and image optimization.

If i ask for any customization, like adding an extra social media button, page speed betterment, he is asking to pay for extra customization.

can you give me your purchase theme link ?
or you can give him a low rating for bug issue reason then may be they will build their theme speed

let me checking & let you know

can you give me your website link ?

Their page speed not bad
Here is google link
And gtmetrix

Sorry, i have changed using different theme because of the speed issue. i will install in on another domain in few minutes to check.

okay you can try with that and check about that issue on their

My current theme score. - without image optimization

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its looking very nice score

Any way, since i have already downloaded the theme files, i am not eligible for refund as per policies.
Thanks for your time friend.

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before purchasing any of item from envato market you can ask your question your chosen item comments tab.hope that will helpful for you.