Reaching Support

I purchased two themes this morning because I need to get a site finished this weekend. Neither work, both come back saying there are files missing, and now the second one has completely locked up my site. I have submitted a support ticket for the first one requesting a refund. On the second one, there is no apparent way to contact the owner/author to get resolution there. So, next steps?

Assuming that these are WordPress themes then the missing files may be resolved using this link

Who did you submit the refund request to? Initially, it should go to the author rather than envato.

On the second all authors can be contacted via the form on the bottom right of their profile, although most have support instructions under the ‘support’ tab on the item pages.

Not all items are supported, but if you do not get a response after a reasonable period of time (quite often authors do not necessarily work over weekends), and assuming that both items are genuinely broken and meet refund requirements then there is an envato refund link in the link above.

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Thanks, this is helpful. I do get that authors don’t work on the weekends. I was only able to find author contact info for one of the themes. The other does nothing when you click on get support from unfortunately. Lesson learned not to purchase something from a new place on a weekend. I do appreciate the link about CSS sheets as that may help resolve it on at least one of these.

FYI on any author’s profile, there is a form on the right where you can email them