Account and download problem

Hi all,
I am a new customer. I bought a theme on envato (A Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme)
I downloaded the theme after purchasing it. Just then, my account was meaninglessly suspended. I reported this to the relevant place. (I sent the purchase invoice). They saved my account and uploaded the invoices to the system for “transparency” purposes. But what is that? There is no theme I purchased in the Download tab!. so you bought the theme but you can’t download it! (Good thing I downloaded it just before the account was locked.) what happened next? I reported it to customer service. They said a few things that had nothing to do with the topic. And a few days later an update came to the theme I purchased. I got an API key by installing Envato’s wordpress plugin. And than active.

“Your OAuth Personal Token has been verified. However, there are no WordPress downloadable items in your account.”

But i know there is an update! I’m paying for a legal license. My account is locked due to its own system errors. The item to be downloaded does not appear in the system. I’ve been sending emails over and over and no one answers. I got angry and deleted the theme completely, reinstalling it in hopes that maybe it would get the update. And I got a warning like this. “Invalid purchase code. Please check it again.” this is how it is now. What should I do guys?

note: By the way, I forgot to write. I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer of the theme and reported the situation. They told me; your support service ended 2 months ago, but it’s been 10 days since I bought the theme. And the support package is for 6 months. I objected and sent my purchase invoice to them. They also showed me the message Envato sent them. It really looks like the support package is finished.

I don’t want to steal your precious time. Should I be upset now for the money I paid in full or for the service I did not receive? Now I gave money to a virtual garbage and in return I was given a big zero.
The problem has not been resolved for days. Let’s see what will happen.
Thank you for the inconvenience, envato, will I buy from you again? I do not know…

Hi @Ruzgars,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Only Envato Customer support team can help you. Please keep in touch with them.


I’am already in contact. I can’t remember how many times I have told the problem to different customer representatives. There is no solution at the moment. The problem has been going on for 5 days and there is no clear answer regarding the solution.