I cannot access my downloads

Recently I wanted to download a WordPress theme I’ve purchased, but I found my account locked and I can’t access my account… I contacted the support and they told me the reason which is I shared a Codecanyon script which I have not been purchased, and not shared it btw … I mean I just entered a forum and I started a thread asking if someone having that script I didn’t get it anyway. They found my username equal to envato account and they closed it.

Now I just wanted to get my legally purchaed WordPress theme which is “Jannah” purchased it for 60 dollars. Because my carrent magazine doesn’t have any theme and it looks ugly.

Is there any action I can take for this situation?
Thank you so much for helping me out!

I just wanted to start my business legally.

HI @Hoodpear,

You should get in touch with envato support because only they can help you. Account related issue handled through envato support. In forum we can’t assist you.