Current credit: $76.63

  • Current credit: $76.63
    Is this what you spent or debts or what

If that’s on your profile then these are credit towards buying items - this could well be why in your other thread the item you think you bought is not there because $73 looks like it could be an amount you deposited to buy the theme without actually purchasing it, or else a refund for the purchase in which case the item would have been removed from your profile

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Do you advise me to buy back or what
For your information, when I purchased the template I used one site and then another site and I closed the two sites and even deleted their hosting
Is this the reason for that
Or will I just repurchase

It’s not possible to advise without having the full facts of what was bought refunded, used, not used etc.

I purchased the template I used one site and then another site” so this means that you breached licensing rules which again adds to complexity of where you are at.

You can reach out to support and try and get clarity, but unfortunately, there’s no way anyone here can make a guaranteed suggestion

Thank you my friend I made the purchase again and the purchase was successful

It seems that I have violated the license rights
I hope that I will be forgiven for that, because I do not know at the beginning and now I know the reason, and thank you for responding and clarifying. Thank you

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What is the file that is uploaded to a site on Word Press

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