Please Help ! I Just payed by mistake 803 dollar for Items I dont wanted to buy

Please I help,

I just payed by mistake 803 dollar for Items I dont wanted to buy.
I wanted only one Item from my shipping car instead of that all the 43 something items were payed.
I havent downloaded none of the items.

There must be some way to stop the order.

You bought 43 times the same item instead of 1? LOL this is incredible!

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Hi @SilviyaMarinova,

This seems unusual :slight_smile: You most likely can get a refund, please read the following articles:


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Hi Lucas,

I got a first response from the help center and they are offering me credit on my account, I do not need credit for 803 dollar I need my money back.
And the items were from different authors, it was like a collection for me, but they were in the shipping cart.
Do I have to contact any single author now to get a refund ? Like all 43 of them ?

If you have purchased items from 43 different authors at once, then you may need to contact all of them separately, yes. If however envato Help Center has offered you a refund already, you can proceed.

If you payed with a combination of Envato Credits and money deducted from your credit card, it probably means that you can get refund in a form of credits.

Let me tag in @KingDog to check if it can be returned to your bank account.


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Thank you Lukas,

I payed with money from my credit card, no Envato Credits, so I hope to get the same form of money back!


Just to add to what my colleague @LucaThemesCom said. I see you already stated you haven’t downloaded any of the items, and that’s great to prove that this indeed was a mistake, just remember, not to download any of the items you request a refund for. I can understand that this can be a nasty and costly mistake, and if you haven’t downloaded them I see no reason for you not to get a refund.

If you download the products chances are a refund will not be possible.


thank you for the hint, I wouldn’t download any of the items anyway.
I actually have seen, that the “wrong” items have been removed from my downloads page. Is this a good sing?
I still have no response from envato help center with refund confirmation.
Do you have any Idea how long it will take?
Thanks for the help.


Hi @LucaThemesCom @KingDog

I just can`t believe it. Here is what I got as response just seconds ago.

Thanks for your response. I completely understand where you are coming from. However, it is not covered by our market policy for refund. If it falls on the following reasons:
• you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it;
• the item did not meet your expectations;
• you simply change your mind;
• you bought an item by mistake;
• you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
• you ask for goodwill; or
• you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download the items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).
Our refund rules are here to help you make the most out of your purchase! And, goes without saying, we expect our community to be fair and always follow our guidelines. Unless we have a compelling reason or have proven that the item is broken or faulty, I am afraid this is not an option.

And I have seen, that they have added 803 Cretidts on my acount :frowning:
Do you have any advice how to handle this ???

I haven`t downloaded any of the items, that can not be true… I now may get fired because of that… :sleepy:

You certainly have my sympathy. You will want to reply to the Help ticket, however, because we’re not able to provide account support here on the forums. The Help Team will do whatever they possibly can.