Should I refund buyer if he bought the item as mistake?

Hello Guys,

I need a help. Recently one of my buyer send me this message:

Due to miscommunication, I have purchased the wrong template for our team. Can you please process the refund, I am going to go ahead and purchase the correct theme now.

But when I read about the refund policy of envato, then I see a section like this:

Here envato tells that I may not refund if an item is bought by mistake.

So I am confused if buyer can dispute against me and envato emphasize buyer here or not, if I do not give refund. Please help me. Thanks in advance!

You don’t need to. It’s up to you and your customer support model. I normally refund in these situations but you really don’t have to.

Edit: Ask them to open a refund request if they have not downloaded the item. You’ll see if they downloaded it from the refund page, before you can approve or deny the refund request. If they did not download it, then give them their refund. They can dispute it otherwise and win. If they DID download it, then a refund is purely your decision.

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If the item has been downloaded than don’t do it. Most authors try not to encourage such procedures.

but how can you know whether he downloaded or not . that can only known by envato team.

if the buyer is purchasing the another theme from you only you can look after refund but first of all you need to ask the envato team whether he downloaded or not. If he downloaded the theme then you dont do the refund. if he is not then tell him to purchase the other theme of yours and let me know by email then i will refund you.

last time one of my customer purchased a standard license later he asked me to refund money because he need extended license of the file. so I told him to ask envato team so he purchased the extended license and asked me back and envato and they have refunded the standard license amount back.

Once they open a refund request you can see if they’ve downloaded it or not (it shows you on the refund page).

Once your customer file refund request you will find a link in the refund request email that you get from Envato. By clicking the link you can see whether the item was downloaded or not. If the item has been downloaded then its not required to refund [But its your decision] and if the item has not been downloaded then its good to refund.


thats the new thing that i did not as iam from videohive

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Thank you everybody for help.

I see the customer has not downloaded the item. So I have decided to give him refund and did it.