Was charged three times when buying a theme, NEED HELP!

My credit card was weird and it charged me three times.
I don’t have a Paypal account, I bought through Paypal without creating an account.
How do I contact support?

It looks like you were charged and then refunded and then charged again. So you’ve only been charged once :grin:


Como puedo ver mis facturas de lo comprado, no me han llegado al e.mail según los datos del perfil están bien?


Hey king. I email support and forum discussions why i got no response

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All time is wrong , i have this The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.they just take money and go . I will now enter a full report to the authority and close my account i am done

What is the item called/the link to it on the marketplace?

Assuming that it is a WordPress theme then you should check out this link

If it is a WordPress Kit then this link

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Thanks . I know that we use wp for more tan 10years .
Nothing to do i have a 10 wp themes with same error .
1 more or minus .bud we dont have it with other providers .anyway done .we have close all
Thanks for answer