Bought same item 3times! :(


Hello everyone! Im creating this topic because Ive made a mistake today by buying the same theme from ThemeForest 3times just because I didnt receive in my email the confirmation of the first purchase. Please can I be refunded on the 2 other items and what steps should I follow? Thanks alot


Please just send an email to Envato Support.


i’m still waiting for them to refund me, not even a word from them


When did you submit the request? It can take a few days.


I bought the item 3 times like 10mins before. Ive just made a ticket to Envato Market Support that Bedros linked me.


Thank you Bedros! Just sent my refund request :slight_smile:


no way,i am really not happy i would like to get a refund

imagine my website goes down… oh you have to wait for a few days and they get back to you… no way

i can get a faster refund from 7-11



For how long youre waiting NurAzhar? And have you done the same mistake as me buying same item multiple times or something similar?


thanks i hope it’s the common channel for every service including the new hosting $19/month


nope, I can’t get into shell… and it’s already a few hours… this is basic


I can’t find the service I subscribe to… the request form are for themes


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Paid for a service on EnvatoStudio?


I have been refunded for the 2 transactions Ive made by mistake today. Thanks alot Envato Market Support for your efficiency! :smiley:


Good news! :slight_smile: