What's your secret to selling more?

Everyone, feel free to discuss sales trends, theories about purchasing patterns, or share marketing tips and sales data. Tell us what has been working for you, whether as a producer or an affiliate in the Envato marketplace! :envato:

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Social Media or Website Promotion, which yields better results?

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I think a lot will depend on which type of items you’re promoting, and where your customer audience is.

Do you already have an established following on social media? If so, that immediately becomes a good option to try first. If you sell video or audio content and you have an active YouTube channel, that’s likely to be the first point of contact many customers will have with your newest releases.

Do you have websites that have good organic search performance, and have a lot of traffic going to them? If so, you’ll want to focus here first. This works well if there’s a particular question your customers need answered - for example, @WPExplorer do a great job of producing helpful and informative content for their blog at https://www.wpexplorer.com/

If you have neither, then look to understand your customers first. Where are they located, and what do they do? Are they likely to spend a lot of time using particular sites? Are there existing channels you could use, instead of building your own from scratch - like paying for featured promotions in a popular YouTube channel, for example.


I would also add one more point - if you plan on running discounts/promotions wait for Envato events like the midyear sale, email campaigns and black friday. These get far more exposure than an independent sale would especially if you’re new to the marketplace.

Also - thanks so much @BenLeong <3