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So, Hello Envato forums :leaves:

I am a designer who aims to create beautiful pieces for the community, I mean which designer doesn’t. I am looking for your help. whether you have 100 years of experience or just 1 second of experience we are all unique and helpful. Please could you post below your best ideas/tools to increase sales for designers who are either popular or just starting out with no sales, Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. good luck. :clap:

Hi there and welcome :smile:

I think the best way to promote your projects is to share them on social media with links. Also commenting, being active throughout the community, joining groups, helps as well. You can also go beyond with paid advertising promoting your work through adds.

Hope it helps.

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Quality, uniqueness, relevance. You should aim to deliver minimum 2 of these with anything you upload.


A good reply, Thank you for the information… joining group’s sounds interesting. I shall try it. Thanks for helping both me and many others. :raised_hands:

we now have to manually insert the link to our portfolio, so I suggest you to do that :stuck_out_tongue: click preferences to edit your about me

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i just thinking about, why should someone share his secret of success or many sales, besides good design?
i mean its very obvious how to generate much sales here anyway.

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Oh sorry krafti, I forgot you was the best thing sing sliced bread. If you don’t wanna help the community i suggest you don’t interact in it. jheez.


sorry for hurt your feeling bro! there are a lot of topics in these forums and all these envato pages which tells you exactly how to do it. my post just raised the question about why, was my personal opinion with a bit offensive way to tell that the “please tell me how to make much dollars”-mindset won’t lead to success here :slight_smile:

I wrote a post on this a while ago. It has since been taken down with the new forums I think, but you can still access it on my blog. It is not exactly a “do this and make money” kind of article since there is no such thing, but it might help you out.

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hi buddy, i suggest that you try to bring the bets quality and upload as often as possible so that u gain in visibility , otherwise making the most of the networks and displaying your work in as many places as possible is a good idea today the least :wink:

Start your own website and promote your items on it along with others that you like from the Emvato sites - use your referral code in order to earn more money. Example

Look for a niche market on the marketplace and design items for it - trust me there are still many niche markets waiting for items to be designed - research the marketplace to find out what is missing and what people may need.

Always try to improve your skills by learning new thing and implementing them in your design - research different design styles and use them - don’t stick to one style of design if you are not a master of it. ie. be a trend setter

Promote your items on social sites with your referral code (if possible) behance, facebook, twitter, deviantart, flickr, linknin, stumbleupon, google+, pinterest (google+, pinterest and stumbleupon are a must)

Always use 30 tags and include the most important tags in your item description - always write a good description for your items. Envato Search looks at the text in your description and your tags to create search results. Google uses your tags and description also.

Research what kind of items are selling good on the marketplace and making authors a lot of money - if you can create some, put your unique touch to it.

Try submitting something that no one is doing and that buyers need. If it takes off - make a lot of it (Trend Setter)

Do not stop creating. Have Fun. The sky is the limit.


great answer , very complete, indeed it could not get any better :wink:


Yes, l agree overall, but l have done the social media thing for more than 6 months, with pretty useless results, but it might be a lack of high quality designs, etc. But so far a few followers, and a couple of hundred views etc, but not much else.

Social Media is something you do but don’t really expect anything worthwhile from? And yes, l have created a website as well, with affiliate links when possible.

Yes, good advise with creating high quality work, the higher you go, the less competition and the more profits, (well, there is more to it than that, but in a nutshell).

Obviously a newbie couldn’t expect to do Elite Author level flyers consistently, but in time l believe so!

My best ideas, and tools, phew, l have quite a few, mainly around saving time!

My best idea, ok, find something that is labor intensive and find ways to speed things up, while maintaining high quality!

So, one example is the Preview image, a newbie will have to cut and paste then scale down, then position it on the preview file over and over when doing flyers.

But someone else trying to speed things up, will learn how to use Smart Objects!

“SO”, allows you to set up all the flyer images, so that next time it is just a matter of pressing a few buttons and the new flyer image is where it should be. A few seconds instead of probably 5 to 10 minutes, effort?

:sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Thanks for the advice, very helpful :slight_smile:

Another few good things to do on your personal sites
Use good SEO practices: See
If you use a Wordpress Site, use Yoast SEO Plugin (try to get a yellow or green rating on each page)
Boast Referrals with Smart Market Widget or similar plugins:

Don’t just post your single items - post multiple items in one post example “25 Awesome Wordpress Themes for E-commerce”

Why? think about it. When you are searching for something, you will choose the result that gives you more, if you can’t find a result with your exact term. So someone searching for A “yellow wordpress theme for e-commerce” will be more likely to click your “25 Awesome Wordpress Themes for E-commerce” than say. this choice “Bendicles Wordpress Theme” if it does not have a yellow image preview or the word “Yellow” in the description.

Bundle similar products in your portfolio into one blog post and write a great description with search terms in it and it should do better.

Get your site indexed using Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools etc

Okay, I am going back to play with my pillow :smile:


Thanks very much for this .Very helpful.:smile:

Very informative. Thank you for sharing there ideas :)grinning:

One of the thing that you can do to increase your sales is by using product reviews strategy. It is undeniable that it is one of the method that can help to increase sales. Studies show that product reviews on your web store increases the likelihood of purchase. Just like Amazon, people depend on product reviews before they begin to purchase.

However what is the effective way to actually get product reviews? It is something that all start-up businesses having a difficulty with. Even new websites that promote various products are fighting this battle.

I came across a video on youtube on the service that can actually help us on this. It has a unique feature that collects product reviews from various online stores and displays them on your website.

How cool is that !

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Hope that helps.

Hi all,
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