66 Items 60 sales

Celebrating my first 60 sales today
How to improve my sales suggest me
What content in market have more demand

Hello Motion_Videohive,

In order to improve sales:

  • Share your best items on dedicated social network groups, such as Facebook video-making groups. Just make sure to not break group rules when sharing.
  • Have previous buyers leave good reviews after buying. If they email you for support, help them promptly then ask for a review.
  • Create an appealing author branding that people can remember. Your name itself, “Motion_Videohive”, is not something that people tend to remember.
  • Provide item updates.
  • Focus on quality, not number of items.
  • Provide item packs at a discounted price.
  • Have periodic promotions and discounts on selected items.
  • Use introductory prices.
  • Provide extensive description & documentation.