How to drive viewer and buyer?

At last, my first time approved item from videohive, first step is done, now for the next step how to find the buyer or at least viewer and referral? Can I track my item statistic? May I know for other experience how many days usually to meet the sales? Thank you and sorry for the english.

Hello cyphut,

Hope this will may help you :slight_smile:

Don’t expect to sell from your fresh 2 items, you need to upload more and more to get good sales and the motion graphics items are slower in sales than the after effects templates.

What makes your sales get higher impact is to close the gap that other authors didn’t close it, that’s mean you have to create more items with uniqueness touch that other authors didn’t create and didn’t think about.

The key for the good sales is the uniqueness and how you present your items in the video preview.

what can also help your sales is to spread your items over social media groups such as Facebook, youtube, twitter, Pinterest and dribble.

Good luck :+1:


That’s a good idea, try to make something else and the more the item means the more variant the buyer can choose, thank you for your input.