Author Raiting

Hello, Its necessary for me for example to have good rating as author, how I can get it? I mean from authors, not buyers. Btw I have already 3 sale and nobody rate me, it’s a heart-breaking :smiley:


I think you can get it only from buyer. Maybe try to write in your description that you would be glad if they can rate you items :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for replay. Why only from buyers? It’s not allowed write review to author?

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I think it is because it is about how is buyer’s satisfied with items. Authors can let you comment. :slight_smile:

I am uploading only video footages, not AE projects etc. So, everything what I am selling, here is, in my portfolio

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@Motionavigations They will rate your theme according to their experience about your theme during use. No one rate on same day after purchase. You wait for their feedback if any issue in your item fix ASAP and support them quickly for get five stars :slight_smile:

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I have made first sale 3 month ago and this 2 was yestarday, So anyway here is 0 rate :slight_smile:

Some buyers not know about rating system and how to rate theme, when you get support request from them, after give support you can tell about rating and for give five stars from download area

Thanks :slight_smile:

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As I have mentioned, I am only selling video footages, so thay dont want any support from me. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ratings are a rare occurrence. I have 33 ratings for 974 sales… and this is above average. You shouldn’t worry about this.

Okay, in this case I will. Thanks for attention :blush:

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Hello cay you tell me how can I repare my upload right ?

Sorry, can you what?

Do you know how I can Upload Project to My upload right closed for 6 months

what are you uploading? Video footages? or motion grafic?

Hello! I send to each of my zip archive with a track a message(format “.txt” or just a document notepad windows 7) reminding the buyer about the rating. Rating can only put the buyer(who bought your item)! Maybe this will help you! Good luck!

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motion graphic After effects template

Maybe, you’re making something wrong. As ussualy, after effects template needs 1 week for review. You can write support for help

Thanks, but It is not possible to send buyers text like this, beacuse I am selling video footages

When you send a zip archive with your video . I do this (as a reminder of the rating). Additional document “.txt”. In the AudioJungle do not forbid! On VideoHive, I do not know! :slight_smile: By the way, I downloaded the free file of the month on VideoHive once and there, there was a txt document. But I downloaded it half a year ago! Now I do not know! My friend needed to sync videos with music and he asked me to download a free video. (from here)