Made my second sale

I found out recently that I made two sales on videohive with my first project. I cannot explain how happy I was to find out that this acctually works and rewards hard working professionals, I know I have a long way to run to reach the sales numbers I see most of you have but this motivated me as a path to creative freedom. It took me too long to post my first project and I was expecting to sell faster and more copies, but i guess i chose a style not too popular for my theme. But after seeing two sales over two weeks I got more confident. Just wanted to share my experience with you, I am already submitting my second project, but know i think a missed the right time to post it since it is a season theme. hahaha


Best of luck for you :v:

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Hey, getting your first sales or seeing any success in a new field is always super exciting, so congrats to you! :smiley: :money_mouth_face:

Just remember that you also need to work smart, and sometimes even more smart than hard. You could create the biggest pack, the most awesome 3D models for some very specific topic, but if it’s too niche or something that customers just don’t want, that’s it… No one will care that you worked half a year on that project, they still won’t buy it.

And sometimes you can create something very un-original and quick and you though that you shouldn’t even try submitting it cause it will get rejected but bam - it’s approved and sells really well :smiley: It can go either way.

So just keep that in mind. And also sometimes you will do a project for a popular category and with a popular style, but for whatever reason, it just won’t sell and that’s that. Don’t let that demotivate you either, just accept that some projects will “sell” others will sell “less” and others won’t sell at all, even if you think you did everything right. Just take the experience form each project - what you learned, what new technique you mastered etc and move on to another project with your improved skills :smiley:

At the end, maybe you’ll be lucky enough (both through hard work/trial and error and just luck) to have a few very successful projects, and maybe they will pay back for all that “wasted” time on projects that didn’t sell, but inevitably contributed to you finally creating the “top seller” project :smiley:

But also if being realistic, if you spent a year or so creating projects, none of them sell, and you’re running out of money, cause you quit your job to do this full time - probably it’s smart to reevaluate if this path is for you :smiley: Or if maybe it should only be a side hobby, while you do other things.


Your feedback was incredible, thank you for the inspiring words. You just answered a lot of questions I had in one single text.


Are you available for a custom job?

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Sure I am!


This is very valuable insight. Thanks for sharing. My first project was approved this morning and I intend on making more content but I’ll keep this advice always handy.

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