why i didn't have good sales


i added 5 items on videohive
and i think they looks good
but i didn’t have good sales
why ?

what is the reason
is there are any way to increase the sales


It’s not a bad resultat for a new author. If you want more sales, you should work more and more. And you should improve your design skills. To be honest, your portfolio looks a little bit old. I recommend carefully analyze the market in order to understand what design is in demand today. Good luck :wink:


I have seen your items, and I think it’s pretty nice. The reason why your item didn’t have a good sale is because you have to be more creative, and of course be patient. You have to find a new concept, you have to be more innovative. The most important thing is, you have to know what is trending right now. I mean, you have to look up Behance, Vimeo and Dribbble.


I could be very wrong here, but it is some advice i often think about. Some time ago was watching a tutorial on kinetic typography and the author said :“If it is too easy for another designer to figure out how you did it, you should try a little harder. Bring in more effects.” Although your projects are beautiful, they are not misterious. Someone with basic knowledge about AE could quite easily replicate them. So next time make it so the people watching it would say :“What just happened?”. I think that would get you more sales.


And I suppose that promoting one’s works is the most important thing to get more sales.


It’s a combination of making more items, making better items, and promoting your work. That could mean externally social media, or just better promoting your work on the site. So thinking about the best keywords to use, titles, descriptions, preview images and thumbnails etc.


thanks dear


how i promote it ?