What are the best ways to promote you're products?

Hello readers,

I’m quite new to envato community but posted allready 3 of my games source-code( https://codecanyon.net/user/lepaul ) and we also have a WP plugin posted on behalf of our team( https://codecanyon.net/item/adminyo-intelligent-wordpress-admin/14784440 ) but the sales won’t grow and the visits drop visibly. I’m also aware of those peeps that are doing really good sales on this platform.

My questions to you are:
How you guys promote you’re product?!
Do you use social platforms or invest in advertisment?! or they simply grow xD.

Also having more products and engaging with other users increase those numbers?! Is there something I miss?!

Hope you guys have some usefull tips and some insights based on you’re experience.
Thanks in advance and wish you all a great and happy day!

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Hi, I highly recommend checking out this post - http://community.envato.com/is-social-media-marketing-worth-it/ especially the second part :slight_smile:

It makes for an interesting read on the subject and provides some good insights, that I’ve personally found very helpful.

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Thanks mate…this articles it’s really helpfull regarding the social media situation :smiley: