What's going on Envato?

We want to share observations.
In last day of intensified approve items a lot of new accounts.
There were more than 50 new authors
As we understand it, review tracks for new author 7-10 days approximately
Because one author 10 days ago upload track and today he got it.
It’s very strange and not too fair to other authors.

We want to say that of these 50 accounts, we found several accounts with stolen music.
One account was banned, he upload well-known track from the game GTA.
Envato and Quality Team very strange fight with the copyright violation. We sent potential copyright violation many accounts with stolen music but support just ignored our message
This is the biggest problem on Audiojungle. Every day more and more stolen music.
We’re so excited about Envato way work and we don’t want to go on the way other stock
which last year fell into the abyss…

Audiojungle is incredible place where people can work independently and achieving good results ,so I want to invite us to fight with epidemic of theft and injustice.
We think what obligatory verification of registered and new authors could be useful to anyone. This step will prevent the market swindlers and banned users, as well as individuals who want to avoid taxes by falcification nationality!



I support you, Alex! Hope Envato finally will do something with that


I love Envato and i fully support, Alexey!


Fully support!

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What’s going on Envato? In latest day there’s so many new accounts? These accounts have a lot of uploads. We send you lots of letters about copyright infringement with undisputed evidence, but you do not react to them!!! Why?? Maybe you tired? Or you don’t care? Can i resolve issues with the Quality Team directly about of copyright infringement? It’s possible?
Anyway, we hope you will take all the necessary measures!


I fully agree with you! I hope that staff start first steps for solving this problems asap!

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Absolutely agree! Why there is no automatic engine to check tracks for violations while they are in queue?
This is ridiculous. :confused:


Fully support! I already wrote about it.


Thank you Alex for your message!)
Something strange happened with new accounts :slight_smile:
I heard Martin Garrix in the portfolio of one artist :open_mouth:

Maybe it is really good idea to make audiojungle verification…
As an option 2-3 videos of projects from portfolio…
ID verification…
FB verification…
There are a lot of options…

I’m really afraid, that this guys be able to kill confidence of buyers…


Obligatory verification on Envato for all authors must be useful, because we have so many thieves on AJ!!


I completely agree! let the thieves destroy conscientious musicians on our favorite site ! it is not fair to take the stolen tracks ! we will be happy to help .

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That’s it! It’s time to take action!


Fully support!
for thieves - 10 days?for honest authors - 30 days?



Fully support!

I fully support, Alex!
It is really big problems, which can lead to more serious consequences in the future.
I very much hope that the Envato will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Ok, that’s why I see average time of 23 days here http://quality.market.envato.com/audiojungle
and have tracks in queue for 28 days already. Very nice :confused:
Maybe somebody should call Envato team members here to clear this situation?

Also give my vote for verification of any sort - ether of author ID or actual uploaded content. Or both.

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Fully support!

Fully support!

Fully support! i hope it’s kind of a glitch and Envato will fix this!