Stolen music, accounts flood and so on.. share your countermeasure ideas!


Hello guys,
so i guess everybody noticed the raising of review time and the growing number of new accounts with doubtful nature (almost similar songs spammed across several accounts… stuff like that), not mentioning many people reporting stolen music here and there.
About new accounts having a shorter review time… i think there have to be a specific reason, which I am sure the Envato staff will explain soon.
Anyway I do believe in the sharing of ideas in this great community, so lets share about countermeasures you would use in order to get a hold of this situation.

1- ID verification … I think this is a must… too many multiple/spamming accounts. Maybe the limit of having 1 exclusive and 1 non-exclusive.
2- upload limit per day (max 2-3?)
3 - A special form for specific suspicious activities reports

please share your ideas! :slight_smile:


It’s all about ID for me, that would almost solve the problem overnight. Even if you had a valid ID for your dodgy account, if you were found out then that person on the ID would get blacklisted.

I don’t really care what they do about anything else. I’d like a better quality threshold to be applied on the whole of AJ and shorter reviews but that’s just my personal preference. It’s Envato’s website to do with as they please but no ID actively encourages piracy!


Absolutely support you!:slight_smile:
ID verification has to be a strict rule for all. I see it like this:
You have to pass ID verification let’s say in week. If you don’t - you’re banned forever. If you’re on vacation right now, you have for example a month to pass it. My point here is to make it quick and get rid of fake accounts and pirated music as soon as possible. I understand, that market is big and it’s a lot of work to do, but it’s worth it.
Also short video proof of your project with muting/soloing different tracks is good idea. Maybe it’s too much, but it can be good optional thing for review. Or if you don’t like it, mandatory multiple versions of track. I can see it as a thing, that hard to do properly with stolen music (unnatural tails are unavoidable :smiling_imp:). And it’s good for market in general. :slight_smile:

And just to add to your 3rd point:
A special form, that Envato will read messages from and do something about it. Multiple authors already mentioned, that Envato doesn’t do anything, when they report violations. At least, their reports had no result at all.


+1 agree with this post


+1 agree too


Some very good ideas here - I hope envato reads this, if they don’t they are shooting themselves in the foot as this is a major issue that WILL end up with envato getting sued.

Hypothetical situation;
Promotions company comes along and buys a track from an artist on audiojungle (lets call him TheivingTwatMusic) and then uses the track on their project on TV. Little do they know its actually an Avicii track. Spinnin Records or whoever sues Envato as the provider of stolen music for £?million dollars as they have a GREAT legal department and as far as I can see it, it would be an open-and-shut legal case in favour of Spinnin Records. TheivingTwatMusic gets banned from Audiojungle but can’t be located as he just signed up with fake details anyway, but just opens a new account as another name and does the same again… by that time Audiojungle and Envato as a whole could be dead anyway.
Please tell me if im being unrealistic but I can seriously see this happening, if it isn’t already.

ENVATO PLEASE SORT THIS PROBLEM before you get sued out of existance.

An idea to stop these theiving artists who release Martin Garrix tunes or whatever - can’t the reviewers just Shazam them during the review process? If it flags something up just look for the track on Youtube and compare (to weed out false positives) it should be immediately apparent. Or am I missing something here lol


Good thread, I have been thinking about this for a while now and it bothers me quite a bit…I am relieved to see more people are on board and share this concern.

Yes, ID identification should be mandatory… I have no clue how much work that is for envato though, but i am sure it will benefit the entire market.

Also, please let’s get rid of the utter crap and cheesy template copy/paste writing.
Shifting a few notes up or down with the exact same patterns, beat and sound does NOT make a new song.
I just had a listen in the corporate genre and oh my… same songs all over the place with just a few tweaks that anyone could do within 10 minutes.
This cheapens the marketplace, and buries the good songs that were actually made with craftmanship, passion and care, like it should be.

My 2 cents.


+1 for this


Strongly supporting the ID verification.


TOR browser, and you ID veryfication is - nothing! I see only one way - return exam


Maybe you should figure out what an ID is first.


If Envato staff don’t want to check all tracks for copyright violation during the review process then we have to spend our time and track down those bustards with Shazam, SoundHound or anything else. And maybe after thousands of copyright violation tickets Envato will change something. I hope…
But author ID verification and copyright violation check during the review process is a must.


If people want to commit fraude (in anyway) they always find a way. So no system will be waterproof. But some kind of verification will definately make it harder.
ID verification is one thing. If you combine it with a copy of a bank account (where the money of the author finally goes), you even make it more difficult. The name on the copy has to be the same as the name on the ID.
When you want to go a little step further, ask a small entrance fee from every new author, that has to match the bank account and ID. Even Paypal does it for security reasons (make it the price of the first sale, or just $10).
Besides that there are several other “triggers” that can help in the reviewing proces of becoming (and staying) an author, like: does the author own a website/company, are there other accounts on for instance Soundcloud or facebook (and how does this look/ foto’s etc.), how many complaints are there regarding the author, what’s the effort put into the account etc…
Sure it is more work, but in the long run worth the effort. And without any doubt (mine) fake accounts will vanish into oblivion, like a lot of new tracks (cynical joke :wink:


You right! many similar tracks


Id is fine ! if someone writes 3 tracks a day, they should be sloppy and not getting accepted !
A proper mix usually takes me 1 day !


That is really up to the reviewers, but maybe the quality bar should be raised a bit


Im not sure its the reviewers fault, I believe this is someones bright idea at Envato to try an auto-review for new artists script. Yes it will get review times down and allow reviewers more time to review existing-artists tracks (eventually) but it will be the downfall of Audiojungle as a high quality source of legal royalty free music so it doesn’t really matter.


mmm i dont think it’s about an autoreview thing… too risky…
good thing we all can do is to report suspicious profiles and song, in the end they steal money to honest authors.


absolutely agree. raising quality standards = evolving.
I’m ready to face hard rejects myself (as I’m not so good in mixing and post-production), but it’ll be a step forward for AJ.


I think they can rollback all stollen music bought…Once i had a situation that someone bought my pack and after 10 days i got message that they removed that money from me and returned it to paypal owner because stolen/hacked card…
I think they can return everything because if not, “licenced” stolen track can cause alot of problems to Envato.