Proposal for Audiojungle work


Hello everybody!
I would like to raise a topic such as the transformation our Audiojungle in the trash.
First, the simplified procedure for the formation of the author, which entails a simple registration all comers.
Secondly, many new authors are loaded on runoff 50-100 tracks per day, is it not possible to limit this? We are drowning in thousands of second-class tracks!
Thirdly, I believe that it is necessary to introduce compulsory identity verification. On the site a lot of minors!
I would like to see a requirement for download music was at least a small video with work process. Thus, we remove that part of the authors who brazenly sell ready construction kits!


Well, good ideas. Not for Envato. I tried few weeks ago similar thread. Here Some ideas about improving review queue


fully support


Where is this super pro guy with a cry about “catastrophic lost of sales”? I mean @TitanSlayer We are summon you.


absolutely right!!! +1


Totally agreed, Alex.


Favour your proposal!


I’m all for it!




I believe they upload 1000 items per hour! This is not acceptable here!

I have better idea. Lets ban all newcomers at all! This would be fair for everyone here. +1000 for it!

Yes, terrible newcomers upload 50-100 items per day, and moreover this is not even their tracks it is just construction kits! What a great imagination you have there! :wink:

@LumenMedia I am not crying, you are, because with your posts it seems like you have problems on AJ, not me, I am fully satisfied with current system and everything. And if you have questions you are welcome to PM me, do not spam random sh_t please…


“Always two there are, no more, no less. An author and a loop.”


Where is your sense of humor? I am not having HUGE problem on AJ, watch on my sales number. So any such words as s**t is unacceptable. So, relax and enjoy your perfect being here. As for me, all my ideas, bombarded by you, have aim to improve my and other authors experience.


“An Author uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”


OMG… complete nonsense!


Totally agreed


Just a friendly reminder, please keep things civil on this thread and do not call out other authors.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling:


+1 I think it’s good idea!!I’m ready to do a video capture from my projects :slightly_smiling:


+1 Agreed!


agreed +10000


Hell yeah!!!+