What's a good ratio between views and sales?

Hi everybody,

now that @MidnightSnap enlighted me :wink: I am giving a closer look at my items. I also have a non-exclusive account with about 30 items.

I wonder, what is a good views/sales ratio?

I am new to analytics but it seems to me that:

  • items with a good ratio (let’s say 5 to 1, 2 to 1…you tell me please) need just more exposure,


  • items with a bad ratio (let’s say 100 to 1…again, please let me know) are not good enough.

Please share your thoughts and experience.

Thank you

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I haven’t seen any patterns, but 1 to 1 would be nice :slight_smile:


I don’t believe in bad ratios. If your item is online, there’s always a possibility you’ll make sale. And even one sale is income. If you listen to some of the best sellers, it becomes clear there is no exceptional quality requirement.

Edit: to prove my point, I just got a music mass reproduction licence on one tune that so far had only 3 sales and it has been in my portfolio for almost two years. Ratiowise, you could say it’s a horrible tune, but to me, one mass licence is better than deleted file.



thank you both for your replies.

@Driving Congrats for the big license! Please be clear that I never thought I could delete items with a bad ratio. My assessment aims toward better promotion of my existing items…let’s say that a track has 2-4 views per month, maybe I need to get more exposure in some way… does it make sense? :slight_smile:

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This is an excellent question! I have often wondered the same thing. I see such a range of ratios in my portfolio, and sometimes the tracks with much higher views are getting a worse ratio than the ones with low views. But I think sometimes a track with higher views might be getting views from authors, not buyers.


When you have hundreds or thousand of items you don’t ask such questions, because you can go crazy analyzing one by one every of your item.

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In effect I listen to a lot of tracks for reference…you are absolutely right! :smiley: