Views vs sales

For a couple of tracks I seemed to have got rather more than the normal number of views (for me at any rate!) but absolutely no sales and I was wondering if this was anything out of the ordinary. There’s a screen shot below by way of example. Probably just the way it goes, and perhaps perfectly normal, but I was curious to know whether this mirrored the experience of other authors.

That is A LOT of views for this site. Maybe someone used it in a popular VideoHive project or on a referral site.

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That’s interesting. Nothing in the referrals appears to relate to a VideoHive project (they are mostly from a Facebook post I put up) so it is a bit of a mystery. It would be nice if a few of those who seem to be enjoying listening to the preview so much actually purchased it! :smile:

That is a big amount of views! Unless they are from advertising, some of them should buy the item. Good luck.
PS: Perhaps the viewers downloaded the file to preview their work and if it is fine, they buy the track in a couple of days. Let us know how it goes :wink:

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Thanks! And I will let you know what happens. It’s been getting a consistent average of 50+ views a day weekdays since it was approved nearly a fortnight ago so I’m wondering how much longer this will continue…

It can be happen, when the visitors are not targeted. The fact, we know they coming from Facebook is confirm that, since the people usually doesn’t use Facebook to purchase tracks.

Check out the bounce rate, if it is above 30-40% that means they doesn’t spend too much time on the page.

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Facebook might explain it but surprised a single standard post to friends would generate so many views! However, the moral seems to be not to let your hopes be raised by lots of views appearing in Analytics :slight_smile:

Bounce rate is quite high, so probably not people searching for tracks on audiojungle, maybe through an external link/website?

I’d like to say it’s the result of a strong external advertising campaign on my part but it wouldn’t be true! :slight_smile:

I think its possible someone took your song and placed on their site. Somehow my stuff ends up on random websites that I didn’t even know existed and that’s what they were doing, they are basically using your stuff to get traffic to their site but still letting people buy it here on AJ by linking to it.

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There are many sites that appear to scan the internet for links to music and YouTube videos and dump them on to aggregator sites as content. They use those sites to post all sorts of ads and the content lures people there to click the ads and get points for affiliate programs associated with the ads. The ones I noticed with my music and videos were Russian and Ukrainian sites and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of Romanian sites doing the same thing.

I think this is almost certainly the explanation. The views just keep on coming but only the one sale… Clearly the ‘wrong kind of views’ :slight_smile: