there was a time...

… when you published a new track and, at least in the first days, you got 20-30 views.
now, last week published a new track in the “cinematic category” and it got just 1 view…

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I think playbacks from the list page don’t count by analitics as a view. At least my views were heavily fallen down after that innovation, when became possible to listen without opening item’s page.

Also I don’t exclude some more reasons :wink:

Count sales not views :wink:

if no one view the item it is difficult to sell it! :smiley:

No, I think it’s possible if buyers use “add to card” button you may have some sales with zero flat views analitics.

True, but like @Ladanauskas said, playback for list do not count … wait and compare conversion before the changes on page.

Either this was a coincidence based of the search engine tweaks caused by the “The search engine is not inspiring anymore” thread, OR Envato is indeed more clever than I’ve expected. In this case: Bravo :clap:

hi , i think that u also need to think about something … there are continuously more new authors and tracks and unless u try to give a good exposure to your work, sometimes this is difficult either to get noticed and to sell , besides that’s also not because u don’t have tons of views that u are not selling ok bit it helps all the same …