How many views do your new uploads have?


When you haven’t linked it in the Approved for Sale post, how many views does your tracks have averagely let’s say the first week? Maybe also add your number of followers and sales to it for context?

I’m curious as my views are around 20 when linked in the forum, otherwise it’s somewhere around 5 the first day and getting close to zero the following days. Even with quite a lot of research on commercial, fitting keywords in the description and tags, it’s still very very low.

Is this normal? Or could it be that my tracks are not favored by the search engine as my sales are generaly very low?

Thanks in advance!

Over the past two months, I have tracks with one and two views on the first day. There is a track with three views for all time. On average, no more than five views on the first day. So, as regards me, you are doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been wondering the same thing. Where do you find how many views, plays, etc. you are getting?

In the track window, click “item details” and select “analytics”.

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Do you need to be an exclusive author to use this feature? When I click on “analytics”, it looks like it’s trying to load some information, but it never actually does anything.

Try again. I visited your track page. This should appear in analytics. Sometimes my analytics report is not displayed either. I do not know why.

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I guess that happens when it’s all zero?

Thanks, I tried again after you visited, and it still shows nothing.