How can I tell if my music has been listened to or not?

Hey there. Possibly a noobish question, but is there any way to tell if anyone (potential customers, people looking through the library for music) has clicked onto my tracks and listened to them?


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If you go to one of your items there is an analytics tab:

Would be great if we had some better analytics but that’s the best we’ve got (until you go elite then I think they give you some better data to work with i think).


Thanks @RobertReid, that was easy enough. Wow… that’s a lot of zeroes…


Do you remember the conversation about "naming the tracks? :slight_smile:

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I guess these analytics only show when someone accessed the “details” page of an item, not when they listened to it.
I checked all my recent sales: the items had… between 1 and 3 views…
I am surprised… does it mean that if I was able to get more views, I would sell way more?

My ratio sales/views is incredibly high… so I suspect views and “listens” are not the same thing at all!


I have many views (many times more then 80) and low sell :smiley: so … your is better :smiley:

yes, I keep telling myself that I have a good ratio…

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Remember that every time you visit the analytics page, you add to that number as well :slight_smile: Unless you use an anti-tracking add on of some sort.

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Yes I know. Even If I was not on my page, the views used to be like this. How it is with unique views?

If a person visits your page 10 times during the same session, that’s 10 pageviews and 1 unique pageview. That’s probably an undecided customer :smile:

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oh, in this case most of my items really have 1 view… the unique view that led to a sale…

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Wow, your view count seems very high. Do you do anything to lead traffic on your item page?

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Wow! It doesn’t get better than that!

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I public my items on social sites :slight_smile: But the views are nothing if there is no sale. I’m very new here, so not big feelings about that :slight_smile: Every small success make me happy :slight_smile:

Same here: every small success makes me happy!
By the way, I am amazed by the number of comments you have on each track!