I have suspicions that the statistics show false information.

It’s simple, I also publish tracks on another site and there the statistics show completely different data: 5 - 8 views 1 sale.
And-it is stable on different tracks.

But on Aj is happening mysticism:
It is necessary to understand one thing out of 50 people can not be at least one person who will like your track.
Also average listening time:
When the client was one was shown 8: 08 then the statistics were updated and there were 5 views and the average time was 0: 20.

It seems to me that unique views are taken from the total views (authors Aj) and 10 - 20% is translated into unique as if it is watching real customers. You can analyze your tracks about the same data you will have. It seems that the scheme works.

I also have 2 songs which received the sale immediately after the occurrence, but after some time they both Bhutto disappeared from the market and not a single customer is not interested. This is also suspicious.

Every time you yourself check the analytics page, the counter will go up +1 for that day. So don’t check your analytics for 2 weeks and then check back.

I check it through the “edit” button"
Okay, let’s say the system considers me, why is it doing this?

Why do I need statistics that treat me like another person? This is a clear fraud that misleads me.