Accuracy of analytics on Audio Jungle

Hi fellow Audio Junglers,

I barely use the analytics, since I barely make 100 bucks a month here. But I was wondering, how accurate is the AJ analytics, since people can use the play button attached to the thumbnails?

So if an user searches for something, they will most definitely click on the small play button on the thumbnail instead of going on the song page, but of course, that doesn’t count as a visit.

Wouldn’t it make sense that on AJ a play, wherever it’s from, could be counted as a visit? Or is that already the way it works?


An interesting question, especially considering my Google Analytics are very different.


+1 on your questions fifty_tons. Great points. This area would be good to understand better. It would be most useful if the analytics captured all clicks on the track. If it isn’t doing that, I would hope that Envato could make the changes to do so.

It would make a big difference if we could see the actual number of plays rather than just item page visits.

Can you use google analytics with AJ? :smiley: I had no idea. How do I do that, just the usual way you use google analytics, or is there some kind of trick? But anyway, I guess that it’s calculating page visits as well, and not plays. But out of curiosity, how do the numbers differ? Are they higher on Google, or vice versa? :slight_smile:

@fifty_tons the trick is you have to be Elite! :wink:

the trick for what? :slight_smile:

To get access to google analytics within your audiojungle profile

oooh, I didn’t know that. I have a long road ahead of me then :))

But still, that would be per page as well. The problem is that it’s not relevant at all on AJ, since users can play your music without entering the page.

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Can somebody Please tell me what this Categories meaning. ( Average Time on Page is self speaking for me)

Pageviews , Unique Pageviews, Entrances, Avg. Time On Page, Bounce Rate , % Exits

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