A question about analytics of the item.

Hi Colleagues!
A few minutes ago I’ve checked the analytics of my latest approved item. And it is is a very strange. As you can see I have 6 listeners and 3 seconds of overall listening. It means that every listener of all these six listeners have listened this track only 0,5 second. I’m a musician and I can say with 100% sure that I will never understand something about any track if I will listen a track only 0,5 second (just try it for yourself). Well… What can understand a client who listened the track only 0,5 second? Is this a real analytics or something wrong with these indicators?
p.s. By the way, I see this situation not in the first time.

So far 6 people listened to (or viewed) your track and spent an average time of 3 seconds. Still very short to make a meaningful decision, I agree, but it’s better than 0,5 seconds :slight_smile:

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Hi, FullScaleAudio! You mean that 3 seconds on 1 listener. And it means that 18 seconds on all six?


Don’t care too much about analytic in the few hours after approval. You have to wait 1 day to have more precise statistics about views.

Because finally what is still not clear is that maybe analytic counts our own views when we refresh the page…

So wait between 12 to 24 hours to see what really happen :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Vermair! :slight_smile:

average means average :wink: not total. If each of this 6 people listen 3 sec, the average parameter wil be 3 sec.
and 3 sec is enough for listneres in some cases.

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Today I’ve found another one discovery in the statistics of my brand new item. Two members of Envato have commented my new item with words: excellent and cool work. After reading these two comments I’ve checked the statistics of this track: 12 Pageviews and 00:00:45 Avg. Time On Page. Well… I can say - the comments are just a fake comments. The length of my track is 5:12. Even if these two persons have listened this track 45 seconds, how they know this track is excellent or no? It seems they just fake commented with hope on a feedback. I don’t like such a spammers who commenting without listening, you know. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

p.s. But of course maybe I’m wrong but the statistics works not correct. Who knows…

What you will find is that some authors will comment on a track - usually favourable - and possibly expect you do the same to one of their tracks. You will also find authors who will follow - then unfollow and finally re-follow to maintain their pole position on your profile page. Some authors will do this follow “thing” numerous times. I am afraid that this kind of promotional tactic does not work for me since any new follower to me gets a quick portfolio audition by me. If the music is any good then I may follow but 9 times out of 10 I find that I have wasted 1 minute of my time. Harsh but true. Regarding analytics - do not get too excited by them, invariably these statistics mean nothing…click, click, exit.

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