Am I invisible? 5 sales, 100 views, and then nothing :(

Hey AJ (and Envato) community,

Recently one I had a new track hit AJ and within the first 24 hours or so it made 5 sales. The track had 100+ views on the first day and climbed up to the #2 and #1 spot in the search results. Since then, I’ve had barely 20 views the next day and about 2-3 so far today. This is pretty strange as almost all of my other tracks (some which are way down in the search results) have had far more daily views. I understand there is a drop after the first day, but this seems a little strange.

All the tracks around me are selling, and I haven’t had any sales in the last 24 hours. After getting so excited to see my track have potential, I’m now starting to lose hope in it selling any more.

If any one knows of any issue going on with the search results and search system, please let me know!

Here’s a screenshot of the analytics to illustrate this dilemma:

Search “Inspiring” or “Inspiration” and you should see it there.

The track is here if anyone can help me out: (apologies if this is not allowed - not trying to promote myself)

Maybe it was just luck to get those first 5 sales, and maybe the track doesn’t have potential as a top seller. I certainly had my hopes up though. Thanks for any help.


Hi James - I checked the search on the title “Inspiration” and yours is 7th in the list based on Best Match. Pretty good position for buyers to see it.

Thanks for your help, MidnightSnap!

This is what I’ve been wondering. I was at #1 at one stage, and put simply I was getting far less views than one should at that space. There’s no wonder it suddenly stopped selling - no one can sell properly with 3 views! I wonder if staff could shade some light on this issue.

I think a track goes down the list pretty quickly as new similarly-named tracks are added. Maybe “This is the…” is adding to its demise in terms of views?

My track “spooky Halloween” had similar low views, as the flood of “Halloween” s pushed it to page 5 after a few days! :scream:

Are you promoting the track externally yourself?

Thanks, stardiva for your response! It’s much appreciated!

No I haven’t externally promoted this one. However as it managed to reach the top of the search results yesterday it no longer got views and naturally just didn’t sell. 19 views and then 3 views isn’t normal for a top of the search results track. Even some of my page 2 items are getting more daily views. I just don’t understand why the views dropped down so low. I was really getting excited when it started selling so fast, and now my hopes of it becoming a weekly top seller are dashed :frowning:

Maybe it’s just not that great of a track?

There really is no logical explanation why a track occupying the top spot (or even one of the top 10 spots) on a popular search would not get far more views than you’re reporting.

Very nice track, by the way! Good luck with the sales!! :smile:

Cheers, InspiringSound! I don’t know what it is either. Makes me sad :frowning:

I know if I had those views it could keep selling, but they’re not there.

Are there any staff that can explain this phenomenon to me? @scottwills, @KingDog? I don’t really know who’s best to ask here :frowning:

Luck is not on my side today.

I wish I knew what the analytics tool is really telling us with the viewing figures it shows (I’ve never seen an explanation anywhere from Envato). It’s hard to tell but I’m not convinced that they are always accurate and/or up-to-date.

You have 6 sales in less than two days. I would say that’s pretty good even by AJ corporate standards. Were you expecting a Lamborghini in the mail?

“Inspiration” or anything similar is the worst keyword to use if you like to stay in the top of the search for a long time, unless you make lots of sales. It seems to be working out quite fine for you since you’re number 6 right now.

Views are only counted when someone enters your item page, not just clicking play to listen from the results. You probably have many more plays.

Since all tracks around it are virtually identical from a usage standpoint the chances are very high someone’s going to pick another track even if yours is a good one.

It’s like searching for “red flowers” and getting a search page full of nice red flowers. They all look nice, and I just need a red flower. I can pick any single one.

You picked the most saturated style, with the most saturated sound, with the most saturated title on the most saturated site - that will mean a strong peak, and then flatline in 99.9% of the cases without unique external traffic.

A less common type of track will get less views initially, but have a more even lifespan.

Did you know that you’re competing against no less than 70! tracks added in the last week for the same search word / title?


[quote=“prestashopthemes, post:9, topic:11748”]
Views are only counted when someone enters your item page, not just clicking play to listen from the results.[/quote]

I hadn’t understood this and it’s a useful thing to know! It explains why I’ve sometimes got a sale for a track without apparently getting any views on the day it sold.

Views are only counted when someone enters your item page, not just clicking play to listen from the results. You probably have many more plays.

Maybe then it’s just that the track is bad! :slight_smile: :cry:

What are entrances then?

With 6 sales already I think we can agree that from a usage standpoint, it is a good track. The competition is fierce and these types of tracks are very, very interchangeable. It’s not like a tailored cinematic track that you’ve edited your video to. That’s why these corporate tracks sell immediately - they are just needed as a filler, a texture, not really to be edited to.


and now it’s 6 sales. so far so good

100 views? Man, you kidding, No one of my fresh track gain 100 views in first day after release. 6 sales during first day? This is good too. If not awesome for later sales of this track. So, please, relax and continue your work. :slight_smile:


Here’s my thoughts on the matter.
The fact that you only had 3 views on your item today could maybe be explained by the difference in time zones between where you live and Audio Jungle’s website.
Maybe the day just started (acording to the time zone used by AudioJungles’ analytics page) and that’s the reason for the low view count.
Anyway, nice track my friend, good luck to you :))

Hi @JamesVMusic! I’m probably not the best person to ask, I’m certainly not an expert on search or buyer behavior, but I will say this: When I search for “inspiration”, your item is the 3rd result and it’s showing as “trending”. This is good! This is what you want! So no problems there. You’ve got sales, and it’s in a category/genre that is popular, so you’re meeting supply and demand.

I hate to say this because I know it offers you no solid answers, but I honestly think that you need to look at data over a longer period of time before panicking or worrying. Put things in perspective - you’re track has been live for around 24 hours, right, and you’ve got 6 sales, lots of views, and a trending item out of it? Not too shabby by most AJ author’s standards. :thumbsup:

There are a bazillion reasons why buyers do or do not purchase something. We really can’t speculate over all of them because it’s a dynamic, ever-changing variable that you or I cannot control. e.g. Perhaps some of the customers viewing your work have (and will) bookmark your item for a future point/project? So while I can’t offer you specific reasoning of what is happening or what will happen, what I will say is that, give it more time, keep an eye on sales, and check that your analytics are updating correctly over time. I think I am right in saying that a sale will appear on your statement straight away but may not immediately show in your analytics but someone can correct me on that if I am wrong.

Ultimately, I think your track is going to do just fine and you’re off to a great start. Remember…

##“A watched pot never boils…”

Good luck to you, best of luck. :thumbsup:

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"A watched pot never boils"
Unless is Clark Kent watching it :stuck_out_tongue:


@JamesVMusic I recently had this happen to my newest track as well. It’s amazing how one week your overall sales can be great, and the next they suck, and then the next they’re good again. I mean really, do all the customers fluctuate their purchases in the same way at the same time? It’s so weird to me. Almost 4 years here and I still don’t get it!

One change that AJ made that affects the analytics was changing to a visual waveform that you can scroll through when the items are searched. Don’t remember when this came about, but maybe a year ago? Before, all search results gave the little play button in your icon, much like on the front page now. So, in order to scroll through the song easier, you had to enter the song’s page. But not when you are searching now. I think this makes sense as to why there is a big viewcount when you are on the front page (no waveform to scroll through, much like the old days of search results) as opposed to when it is off the front page. I don’t think this affects sales though. People still buy what they want to buy. But it has affected the songs viewcounts. Hope this helps!


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Thanks, Scott for taking the time to reply! Much appreciated! I guess I am a bit impatient aren’t I? :smiley:

Hey, cheers, Phil for taking the time to respond. Thanks for your insight.