What would you / should I do?



I have been building a Wordpress version of a HTML template for an author, working on a commission basis.

The html template owner has been a little show to answer emails etc but nothing to worry about, but now the theme is complete and ready to be submitted on his account, he has gone really quiet (10 days since last email reply).

I am not worrying yet but want to plan incase he doesn’t “return” and I wanted some opinions e.g.

How long would you wait for a reply before planning the next steps?

Would Envato take an email of him sending me the item as proof I can submit the item

Could he claim copyright in the future?

How should I sort out the commission (withdraw my part and leave his in Envato till he asks) etc



That’s not a good working relationship :mask: You will need to sort it out with the template owner and is a tough position all together.

Not an expert on the subject but the following answer seems complete on the bureaucracy involved. You can’t submit the theme without his explicit consent apparently.