I offer to buy a template. What should I do?


We just recently started developing the html template. Soon we will provide for verification.
A week ago, in a conversation with a friend, I found out that he was the Themeforest author too. He said that his template and the account was blocked due to copyright infringement. It seems like one of the pages was roughly copied by his designer, and he did not find it on the Internet and on the themeforest. When it was published, Envato was blocked his template and him after 2 days.
I had several questions at once.

  1. As far as I know, the verification of the above template lasted more than 20 days (7-8 Soft Rejects). Why this template was published for sale?
  2. My friend offered to buy this template. Can I do it and publish it as an author?

  1. envato can’t know every template out there but that doesn’t mean that someone or an author won’t spot copyright once an item is approved

  2. no - once an item has been disabled/removed etc it can’t be resubmitted. Even then making a conversion of another item for sale here is not allowed without consent from the original author


As far as I know there is one page violates copyright, and the template is large. After all, I can delete this page and the template will be unique.
It turns out that the author only needs to delete this template, but he is blocked.


I have another question )))
I read the rules, but I don’t understand them fully.
Only an author can submit a complaint of copyright infringement?
Suppose I found my design, which has published on Behance Profile, but the template hasn’t finished yet.


Yes you have to own the rights to an item to claim copyright.

Youcan still report an item that is using someone else’s work but if the item is not finished and published then you can’t