Does Envato protect items copyright anymore?

Hi there, guys! Two days ago my first HTML template was approved on themeforest (, and yesterday i had the first sale.

Nothing special so far, but, this morning, by curiosity, i googled my template and find out that there are pleny of websites that are offering “nulled” version of my template (actually is envato’s).

Long story, short:

Template approved: 2days ago
First sale: Yesterday
Uploaded on nulled themes: 2 days ago

I guess i’m not the first, so can anyone explain this?

Contact support and tell them your story. Since it has had only 1 sale, then you know who is distributing your item illegally. Pretty sure Envato will take action against that customer.

Don’t forget to also include screenshots of google results, sample pages where the item can be found, proof to show the current date so that it can be tied down to the current and only customer (in case someone else buys before you get a response from support which is quite likely).

Thank you! Sound like the best road to follow.

But do you have any idea why and how was on nulled sites before first sale?

Strange, right?

If it happened before the first sale then don’t bother contacting support. It has nothing to do with your only customer.

Basically what happens is there are many nulled sites that do not have the item. They just pretend to have the file and try to drive traffic. You need to try to download the file first and see if it is actually possible to download and if what you downloaded is your file. There are many fake piracy sites that function in this manner.

It’s HTML template. You can easily download it from your preview site. You shouldn’t be blaming your only purchaser.

Hi Ki-Themes! You missed understand!

I didn’t suspect my or my blame my only purchaser so far.

I was curious how can this happen so fast, even before first sale.
Thank you all for your replies!

There’s no way to protect except to encrypt your JS files.I have also encrypted the codes below inside of the JS, as long as it’s on my server, works fine:

if(window.location.href !== “”){
window.location.href = “”;

Even if the theme has been copied from the demo site, it won’t work because of the redirection