My item in free websites

Hello Everyone,
I have one template :,
I found it in many websites with free download :disappointed_relieved:
is there any way to stop this ?
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately there’s only so much you or envato can do. As fast as (if) you get it taken down then it will reappear elsewhere.

Wrong though it is, it is a downside to stock content and far from exclusive to files from here.

Envato offer advice here, but the best thing you can do is release regular updates etc. so at least its hard for them to be sharing the latest/best versions.

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Hi Charlie4282,
Thanks for your help,
release regular updates is a great solution !
I heard about what do you think about it ?

Unfortunately I doubt it would make little difference. I’m not trying to justify the people who share authors hard work - merely that they are not the kind of people who really care about laws ans rules.

Plus (and I am no lawyer), Free services won’t actually register copyright (in the proper sense) and just create a timestamp (which is what happens when you upload to envato anyhow) so while it’s good to have records, it won’t stand up to anything legally speaking. Coincidentally they do offer copyright registration services (but those definitely would not be free!).

Don’t get me wrong it looks like an interesting and useful tool to have but it comes down to how far you would ever want to pursue protection.

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The true is that if one person buy Your theme and he doesn’t have good intentions - Your site can be on every free page … for HTML templates he even do not must buy it to copy it … sad true to be on the other side … “we” also watch movies from some free websites and break someones copyrights … ps. There are some HTML encryptors but they always make some mess in design.

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Thank you both @charlie4282 and @Wordica :wink: