why my theme rejected ?? someone please help

Why my templete getting rejected ?? plz help http://islamictrace.com/Minitor/

Dear Mr. @eselim03

Hope you’re having a good day and “Happy New Year”

You asked why your template is getting rejected. so because this is not your template and you are trying to cheat with ThemeForest. Below is original template link which you are using.


You should design and code your own template because there is no shortcut to success.


That’s not good!

If you don’t want your account disabled by Envato, my suggestion is to stop stealing others work and repost it.

Good job Envato Reviewers for rejecting this item!!!

hi… but how they detect it ?

its one of their term that i can use a templete and can customize it

You can use it for one single personal or client project (having made changes and no in its original state) but you can’t resell it here or on any other marketplace especially not having only changed a few lines of text, images and the name.

In actual fact the reviewer did you a huge favour because the potential repercussions of actually selling and profiting from someone else’s work are a lot more serious than just be rejected.

This is a marketplace intended for professionals and with higher standards than most others. All files for sale here must be original code and design.

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That means i have to made full design ? I cannot rebuild other template ?

But how they detect that ?

Of course not. You don’t own it. A license grants you permission to “use” the item" not to resell it because all copyright remains with the author.

Different authors and marketplaces take different steps to secure their IP, which are not something that is suitable to discuss or disclose for obvious reasons.

Uploading, submitting, or selling someone else’s design or code not only breaches the license and agreement with envato but is also outright copyright infringement. If you cannot design and code your own work then this (not to mention other professional marketplaces) is not the place for you.