Someone sold my theme

Hi guys,

Just wanted to know the solution of this weird situation. Someone else uploaded a wordpress theme that i am working on and has made 14 sales in a week. I purchased the rights , so i can get this removed from themeforest. But what will happen to these sales once i talk to themeforest and get this theme removed.


I guess only Envato support can resolve your issue. Please consider create a ticket.

Contact Envato Support, They Will Help you to solve this

use this link for contact support team

You’ve lost me slightly… if you’re working on it, how did the other person get a hold of it? And what do you mean by ‘I purchased the rights’? Is this an existing PSD or HTML item that you’re converting into a theme? Have you paid the author to be able to make the WP theme and now he or somebody else has also made a WP theme from it?

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Its the existing HTML template , which i purchased license to convert to WordPress , many months ago. But i didn’t have time to upload it . Then after sometime another author converted it to Wordpress and uploaded . The HTML template owner resold the license to convert to WordPress.

He might have thought you’d given up on it. Still, would have been nice of him to get in touch with you to find out what was happening. Did you have an exclusive license to convert the Wordpress theme… i.e. was there anything in the agreement that stated he would not sell the rights to anybody else?

Either way, I’d get in touch with the author and see what’s happening. You can drop a line to support if you like, but it’s unlikely they’d get involved. If he has an agreement with the original author, then he’s not done anything wrong in the eyes of Envato. Well, I guess that does depend on the content of the agreement, but still… the issue really lies between you, the original author and the new author.

If you don’t have any written agreement, then there is nothing you can do I am afraid.
The author of an original file is obviously an a**hole if he did this. I’ve also sold a permission for a Drupal version of one of my designs two years ago and it haven’t been released yet (and I doubt it will ever be). But that’s not really my issue. I got the money and it ended for me there.

Since Envato officially do not allow selling licenses, I really doubt they will be able to help you with this one. The author of the original work is the only one who can make Envato get this theme removed.

Try to get in touch with the original author to learn what exactly is going on.