What will the API response if a sale is marked as Reversal?

Hey guys,
I’m looking into the Purchase verification API:

If the buyer purchased a product, the API will return a valid JSON response with all the details about the item and buyer.

What will be the response if the buyer will get the Sale as Reversal (basically opening a dispute with their credit card company)?

When a reversal occurs, Envato will:

  • Invalidate the purchase code for the item.

So, the api will return 404 error.

  • 404 means the purchase code was invalid, not real, or was not from one of your customers.
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Thank you!

Yes, it will return a 404 just like any other invalid purchase code. However, keep in mind that sometimes buyers may have their account closed (by request or otherwise), in which case the API will also return a 404 for them, even though there wasn’t a reversal.