Hi any item security on sale reversal, please help

Hi is there any item security giving by codecanyon.
Is this possible after downloading item buyer can reverse payment or buyer can only reverse payment if item not downloaded.

According me : Buyer side scenario - he/she report purchased payment , He bought something and he found item is not same as he want or he got scammed or something wrong product delivered. in this case his payment provider reverse payment.

But he downloaded item

*****- Yes we should use purchased key but it is not possible with many item.

If buyer scenario is correct then payment provider think buyer is right and codecanyon is wrong.

In this case a author how can make sure his/her items on codecanyon are secure and not got downloaded for free.

is there any security if item downloaded then payment can not be reverse because item demo is available so buyer can check before buying.

I need help please :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Banks would never allow a seller to prevent a payment reversal. Reversals are a normal part of the business for any merchant and are completely out of your control. Even giants like Amazon and PayPal suffer from reversals.

Fortunately for you, Envato doesn’t just sit by idly. They will directly communicate with buyers in some cases to try resolving the reversal. Buyers who are known to initiate reversals are also permanently prohibited from making new purchases, even on new accounts.

As an author, the best you could do is implement a purchase code “keygate” into your item using the Envato API. This would also help reduce piracy which is inevitable these days. But if that’s not an option, you’ll have to leave it in Envato’s hands.


This is not a solution as well. Upon purchase, serial/purchase code is also available to register the item

Sale reversal is a frustrating thing to authors. Some days ago, I saw an item zero (0) sales, but that item was found in the null script list on other website. That means the author got one sale and that was reversed. The buyer who reversed it, downloaded from Envato and uploaded to the null script website. This is totally a bad thing and I hope Envato will take step against this in future.

Correct , I saw many items zero sale after reversal and then available on nulled websites.

Hope Envato team working on this.

After download item should not be reversed

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Well, I didn’t exactly propose it as a solution, that’s why I said “the best you could do” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Envato already does take a step against this. It’s called “blocking suspicious accounts” and unfortunately, many legitimate buyers, perhaps some who would have even purchase your items, have been permanently banned before they even made their first purchase; all because they somehow tripped Envato’s fraud detection.

They desperately contact support and plead to complete their purchase, sending all the supportive documents they want, but support simply tells them: “We’re using our discretion and will not be enabling your account.”

The result? Authors are losing money overall, in order to prevent some scattered reversals. Is it worth it? Personally, I don’t think it is, but you guys seem to argue in the other direction. Envato has their own interests in this behavior as well though.

You can see many such incidents here: Search results for '"locked out"' - Envato Forums
Do note that we also used to hide these kinds of threads so you won’t see most of them in those search results.

As I mentioned above, Envato has no way to prevent a reversal after the item is downloaded. It is simply not possible.

Instead, you should be somewhat happy that Envato covers reversal fees for you, which can sometimes be as much as $20 per reversal. If you were an independent seller, not only would you be unable to stop reversals in the same way, you’d also have to pay that fee.

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But buyer can create new account on different network with new device and new payment method , he will perform same thing again and again.

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Right, but do you expect Envato to be some supernatural entity that knows everything going on in the world? If someone changes their IP address, uses a new identity, and a new stolen card, of course Envato has no way to know they are related.

Short of requiring buyers to upload identifying documents before their first purchase – which would totally kill sales for everyone – there isn’t a way for Envato to solve that problem, either. They have their fraud filter which I’m sure they constantly adjust, after all they are losing money each time this happens and thus have far more motivation than you do to fix the issue.

@baileyherbert I understand the issue. But I hope, Envato will take steps against those null website too in future. Because it is very much frustrating. As Envato is a big company, I think if they report against those null websites to Google and hosting provider, it should be affected.

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Yes, that’s something Envato can do (to some extent)! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you ever see a nulled website distributing CodeCanyon scripts for free, definitely send the link over to them at https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - I know they have a team who looks into these kinds of things and would love to be sent those links.

In the meantime, as the sole copyright owner of your work, you can also report links that are distributing your work to Google and they will swiftly remove them from search results. I’ve done this before and it went wonderfully.

Just to reiterate my stance here - I’m not suggesting that reversals/piracy are not problems. I’ve been selling at CodeCanyon since 2013, and I’ve had a long journey with reversals and piracy myself. I’m simply pointing out Envato’s limitations to keep expectations realistic.

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Thank you for your suggestion. How can I report the null script link to Google? Any URL or link where to submit? Or procedure please?

Yes, use this form:


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@baileyherbert Wow! Great. Thank you very much.

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There are many popular nulled websites and daily they upload 20+ codecanyon items for free and i sent links to Envato team to take action against these websites. They all using Google adsense and I don’t know why google not taking action on this type website.

Block these websites on search engines, advertising and I believe Envato is world largest digital products selling platform but nulled websites still alive , even they sell free nulled on youtube.

All authors know about this and all are facing same issue.

They buy and then reverse sale and then null it and selling for free :rage:
Making purchase key is not solution.

There are few solutions according me on which Envato team can work.

1- Report hard to these websites to search engines, ads providers.
2- To buy any item buyer should deposit money in his wallet and money will convert in points , using points buyer can buy any item.
If buyer downloaded item then he can not reverse points and if he not downloaded then yes he can reverse points and withdraw his money back if he want else he can buy any other item.

I don’t think these should work

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Have you ever heard of The Pirate Bay? Why is it still up on Google Search if some of the biggest corporations in the world have “reported it to Google”?

Envato is actually a pretty small company. They have a huge digital reach, but they are a small company. Much bigger companies have failed to tackle piracy, I cannot see any universe where Envato would do better than them.

You seem to be confused about the nature of reversals. These are not refunds. These are forced reversals of funds by the cardholder’s banks. Envato cannot approve or decline them, and neither can you.

Let’s say that you, @dhruvamonk, somehow had your debit card stolen tomorrow, and someone used it to purchase $200 in Envato items. You go to your bank and say “Help! This wasn’t me, my card was stolen!” and they tell you “Sorry, Envato doesn’t want to return the funds, good luck.”

No, of course not. The bank will tell Envato “we’re forcefully reversing this $200 payment because the card was stolen” and that’s the end of it. Envato cannot approve or decline a reversal, regardless of some imaginary points system.

Refunds are totally different – you will receive a refund request when one is opened and can decline or accept it. Depending on the nature of the request and the laws in the buyer’s location, Envato might make some exceptions to their refund rules, but you obviously can’t do anything about that because it’s legal territory.

Regardless, a refund will not show on your statement as a “reversal”. A reversal is a forceful revocation of funds by the bank. If you see “reversal” on your statement, Envato had nothing to do with it. Turn your blame on financial laws and banks instead.

Now I got it thanks for you valuable time. :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Envato should work on stopping nulled platforms by hard reporting google and similar search engine

I can promise you that, from what I’ve seen internally, they do have their eyes on those platforms. But as I mentioned, considering that “The Pirate Bay” is still at the top of search, I’m sure they are very limited in what they can do.

I also question whether Envato is authorized to act on behalf of authors as a copyright agent. There would need to be explicit consent for that, which I don’t recall ever giving them as an author. Without that, they really can’t do anything other than try to prevent the piracy in the first place (which is a nearly impossible task).

Still, if you see a new platform pop up and start distributing items, definitely report it to Envato via the Author Help Center. I’m not familiar with what they do behind the scenes but again, from what I’ve seen internally, they are very interested in collecting such links.

My two sale reversed that’s why my monthly payout target missed :expressionless: and now I feel angry on cheaters :face_with_head_bandage: because of them I have to wait more

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Sorry to hear that! Everyone is frustrated with and impacted by the growing amount of online fraud.

I think this is an issue better solved by governments and the financial system rather than individual companies, since it ultimately is a problem with the way digital payments are currently handled worldwide.

Like I mentioned before, even payment processing giants like PayPal haven’t found a way to prevent reversals and face the same issues as we do. I’m not talking about sellers who use PayPal – no, the PayPal company itself suffers losses from reversals and fraud too. If they can’t fix it, Envato definitely can’t fix it either :sweat_smile:

Same thing for “The Pirate Bay” – if Hollywood giants can’t take down such a giant platform for distributing copyrighted goods, I can see Envato struggling to take down a much smaller platform as well. Google is notoriously hesitant to take the offensive on copyright violations.

I want Rajnikant should be a seller on Envato as he reported and shutdown torrentcc, same way he can stop nulled platforms :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks sir :heart:

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