What the hell Item Sale Reversal

i have a sale yeasterday but after download code he take Sale Reversal what the hell envato team what are you doing action on it. its very said for every author

More info is here.

Unfortunately, it’s been discussed thousands of times but this not a process which envato do or can have any input to or control of.

This is not an exclusive problem to envato and happens on just about every stock marketplace out there.

Envato lose out on it too so if there was/is a (realistic) solution then I am certain they would want to hear about it and have activated it.


There are a variety of different reasons a reversal may occur, but two broad groups are:

  1. The transaction was disputed by the payment gateway (e.g. Paypal or credit card). This could happen due to a few reasons, such as the payment gateway’s customer reported the transaction as fraudulent.
  2. The transaction was disputed by the customer with their payment issuer because they feel they did not receive what they paid for in some way.
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No one stop, I suggest few things to ignore it.

  • Make proper purchase code activation page for your product.

  • Starting phase its happen (Even happen all time too because our product is good for buyers) but do not watch on reversal item. Totally ignore it as not happen any sale otherwise you or your team development is going to be down.

  • I suggest to do continue make update on product

I had several sales reversal on my products. When I contacted Envato help center they always responded to me with “this customer will be blocked”, so I suggest you to file a ticket with customer ID or if you don’t know it - with order ID here:

They will be blocked automatically when they request the reversal. While the whole process feels unfair it’s the best envato are able to do and control

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