Facing sale reversal issue .

All those items on codecanyon which dont need purchase code activator getting sale reversal.

In most of the case Javascript script based code and HTML5 games getting sale reversal.

HTML5 based can not use activation script ( if there is any code activation solutions for construct, phaser, pixi, javascript based item then please suggest idea )

I saw many items get sales yesterday and today i saw most of them loose one sale because of sale reversal.

i wish envato can do something if possible

Unfortunately, they can’t - a reversal is between the buyer and their bank. It’s entirely outside of Envato’s influence

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If i talk about facebook platform
Normally users run ads campaigns and pay amount for their service but user can not reverse payment , How ? :saluting_face:

They can. Any entity that accepts PayPal or credit cards can, and most definitely has, experienced reversals.

The user doesn’t reverse payment, it’s their bank.

For example, someone steals my credit card and proceeds to go spend hundreds of my dollars on Facebook. I’m going to call my bank and tell them my card was stolen.

They will terminate the card, reverse the payment, and now Facebook forcefully loses that money (and in some cases may even be assessed a $10-30 fee).

Same exact case here at Envato. It’s those financial consumer protection laws. Don’t like it? Complain to your government, not a poor little company that has no say, but I bet you won’t want to if it’s your card that got stolen.

The real solution? Force customers to prove their identity before making purchases. But that will drastically tank sales – you’ll lose far more than you would have with sale reversals.