What to do when someone will not finish a project that was paid for in advance?


I bought a Shopify Theme “Fastor” by a developper called “roartheme”.
I needed some custimastion and they made an offer and said after I paid they would have it done within a a week. Of course I didn’t belive it would take them a week but budgetet with 2 weeks.
It’s no more than 2 months ago and I wrote a bad review about them and they now blackmail me and tell me they will not finish the job that I paid for before I remove my review which is all the truth.

Can I report them to Envato or file an official complaint of something?
This is an utter nightmare and has cost me a lot of money due to the delay but they keep blackmailing me.

Any advice is much appriciated as this has turned into a case of princicples to me that nobody should cheat and blackmail.

Thank you in advance.


You have any agreement ? Then you can proceed Law process.

(post deleted by author)

I run my own business so giving a bad review is not something I take lightly but when someone says they will do it in 1 week after I paid and they keep using bad excuses plus always waiting one week to reply I get frustrated. Now it’s 2.5 months ago it should be done and they now try to blackmail me.

I start to read the other bad reviews of “roartheme” and apparently many others struggle with the exact same thing as me.

you can report your issue. Envato team definitely help you. If you have not received any support from author then you need to provide all evidences for there is no support.

Thanks, I did. Let us see what they say.

It is definitely worth flagging to Envato but the agreement is private and between you and the author so there is not anything that Envato can do about that.