Question about potential blackmail from author

Hello, 3 weeks ago I’ve purchased a theme from Themeforest, for a client, with standard license and 6 months support. While I was making the website I had to contact the author several times because of some bugs. The author never responded to my tickets and I had to find my way around.

After I created the website, I head back to the product page on themeforest and left a long and professional 1 star review about my poor experience with the theme and its customer support. Then, 15 minutes later, the author responded to my latest ticket that my license has been revoked and I have to issue a refund. I have never mentioned anything (neither in my ticket or in my review) about a refund. So, the theme is now unaccessable and he won’t reactivate it unles I remove my review or, ofcourse, I can issue a refund and my 3 weeks work will be for nothing, not to mention that I have already delivered the product to my client.

Does he has the right to do this? Can’t I do anything?

It will depend on what the tickets were about and what bugs existed but typically authors who respond like this tend to be in the wrong .v. those who want to work through things.

Best option is to contact Envato Market Help and Support