What to do when developer don't reply?

i buy 1 week ago a php code script and I have problem…developer not reply and him tutorial don’t work. What i can do?

It will depend how long ago you submitted the issue, what it was, and the authors support policy.

You could try item comments as another way of contacting them or else you may be entitled to a refund but that will again depend on the details of the item and issue etc.

Can I get a refund

What was the item link?

Is it installation issue or something else?

installation issue…miss the tutorial for plesk, I follow the cpanel instructions but not work…I record and send video to developer for what I do but he don’t reply.

Installation issue(s) mostly are not covered by the support due to not all of the servers are ready/compatible for the item as well as you may need to configure the server to meet the minimum requirements for the item

Your hosting support may help you on this, have you tried to contact them?

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

However, item support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services

i ask only for plesk. miss the documentations…i dont ask more

Installation services not included in item support but author is responsible to represent the script with installation process. Also author is responsible to give you any technical query. So, you can ask them how to install the script if it is not clearly mentioned in documentation. Hope, author will reply you soon and will assist you.


It shouldn’t be so much difference between cPanel and Plesk but according to my experience, Plesk needs a little bit more configuration/set-up and it may not be easy as cPanel.

I’m pretty sure you’re missing some point with the Plesk configuration or it’s not working as it should be.

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Normally in CPanel files would be uploaded to a directory within html_public folder. In Plesk this would be httpdocs.

So with that logic, if you’re going to be installing it to your base domain, you’ll want to make sure that the the contents of the zip is, in fact, extracted in said httpdocs directory. If you have it extracted in another directory within httpdocs then in your browser you’ll need to add in that directory name before the install part.

To be clear: i already install the script With success.
Need to be configure a second part with node.js

I follow instruction of cpanel in plesk. I do the same step show in documentation and dont work.

So I wrote to the author what can be and where is my mistake. Thats what I ask!

I dont ask to install but tell me my mistake for work the software.

And he doesn’t reply to me from over one week.

You can ask them help by posting comments in the Item’s Comments page. If they don’t reply your comments then I think you can ask for refund.


on comment page there is a lot of comment with my same request, even mine, without reply.

I open a ticket with codedanyon with all documentations. I’m waiting reply

consider reaching out to the platform where you bought it. Explain the situation, and they might be able to assist or facilitate communication with the developer.

As the item has been tested by Envato and it’s working fine, the request that you’re asking may fall under the “installation service” which is not provided by the author ( nor the support )

That’s why, in most cases, you hire a freelancer/developer to get the script/system installed and running on your server. As said earlier, there may be some configuration issues within your server and it would require “bug fix”

Or simply, it may not be supported by Plesk

hello i explain what is my problem. and if not support plesk need to be written on docs or software description.

Yes,I also want to know what should be the best strategy if the developer does not respond to our query or any thing else like this :thinking:

It depends on the item, what the question is, how you contacted them, and how long it has been.

I write author support 2 day after I bought the item.
After one week no reply I opened a ticket in codecanyon support and magically author reply with any concrete reply.

I’m following his suggestion and I contact plesk (seem it’s plesk configuration) but plesk support tell me it’s code problem not server problem!

I write back the author with error log and now waiting again the author

What’s the item link?