Need support but the seller do not reply or have problem



Hey guys!

I buy this 10 days ago

I cant get the support i need and my project are stopped :frowning: I need help to set up the newletters the form is not working properly what can i do if the author do not reply?



Considering you purchased an HTML template, it is expected that you as the buyer actually know how to implement one of those into your website, as installation services are NOT part of mandatory support. And based on your comments on the items comment section, user mistakes like not uploading all relevant folders, fall solely on you, and not the author.

That being said, the author should of course have responded to your comments, as the last comment is now over 72 hours old, even though the support tab indicates that all support requests need to be submitted via the email form on Envato. Since it is now the weekend, you should not expect any replies until the next official workday, but if you don’t receive any replies at the beginning of next week, you should contact Envato support and have them investigate whether the author is skipping out on his/her support requirements.