What to do when Author item support doesn't respond and leaves us alone?

What to do? Buy again with what guarantee?

Explain me please !

please let us know more details. when (how many days ago) have you contacted them? how (through item comments or support page) have you contacted them?

thanks for considerate my ask.

3 days - I have contacted them via email gmail and comments and nothing !

I can see you commented 4 days ago and author requested you to contact them through email. Currently weekend not all but some authors not work on weekend and in this case reply can be delay. I would like to give them some more times to get back to you after weekend.

It doesn’t surprise me that there may be some slight delay on weekends/bank holidays and New Years

The author replied very recently to previous requests and appears to usually reply within 24 hours so sure they will get back to you ASAP

I understand, but we are not in an administration with civil servants’ schedules. We are in the digital world with a technical answer that hardly takes 2 minutes! I am not asking for the creation of a website far from it.

Please consider that a popular author gets tens of tickets daily. Your request may take 2 minutes or 20 minutes, but it’s certainly not the only one in queue - yours may be the 50th ticket waiting for a response.

During the holidays period/new year everyone is working reduced hours and spending more time with their families. I am sure the author will get back to you as soon as they can.

Wishing you a prosperous new year,

Excellent. I totally understand. But when you pay for a service, you expect a return regardless of holidays or holidays. If the service does not respond quickly, we improve it, we perfect it, we boost it. Customer satisfaction is number 1. If the service does not respond quickly, the customer is offered to pay more for 24 hour service. In my case, I have already looked elsewhere and paid more for a quick response. My approach can create a new premium service. At the moment, there are no premium services on your platform. Too bad !