Bad support from an elite author

I would like to post here a dissatisfaction with the support provided by the author elite Waituk. We purchased the Entry theme and needed help because Woocommerce was not up to date and we had not been able to use the new version of Wordpress 5.0. You send several emails, according to the requested pattern on their support page, but without any feedback. This had a considerable impact on our project. I’ve been working with Themeforest for 6 years and it’s the first time that an elite author does not respond to an email or at least gives satisfaction. I come to express my dissatisfaction and sadness.

Maybe it takes longer to answer. Hopefully they will solve the issue.

Hello FWDesign, I do not think … after more than 30 days with no response … I do not know what must be happening, but this has greatly impacted my project. I had had issues with the authors of ThemeForest, the maximum time I remember was 72h waiting for the first response. So I do not believe they will respond. Even because, I managed to get around the problem. It was not an elegant way, but I managed to implement a solution.

I agree 30 days is too much, I don’t think they care at this point.

I would leave a bad rating so that othet possible buyers will be warn about this.