Support issue for wp theme purchased 3 days back?

The author by the following name is not responding to our query since last 3 days.

Power Elite Author
Member since June 2014.

We are stuck because the client for whom we are developing using the optcare theme is not happy with the support.

I have done many web projects but never faced a support like this one.

Can anyone guide me on this?

What item is it for?

Have you tried item comments? Presumably you are using the forest author support forum etc?

@template_path is a very successful and respected author who seems to rely very fast to comments on items.

It’s seems very odd that a power elite with such good reviews would not handle things well assuming that the issue is something covered by support?

Unfortunately an author cannot be held responsible for managing someone else’s client expectations.

FYI most authors don’t provide support on weekends so it may take until Monday.

Please give the ticket ID.
We will check the issue.