Theme Author/ Support Team not responding for 3 days

I purchased a Wordpress theme (Zox News - Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme by MVPThemes) from Themeforest. After installing the theme on a fresh wordpress i found that widgets can not be updated. So I reported a bug through support channel.

But for last 3 days I did not get any respond form the author? what should i do now?

Hi @nasir8891,

You can post a comment here and tell them you need their support. Hope theme author @MVPThemes will assist you:


thanks for your suggestion.

I posted a comment a while ago and also added a rating on the theme. Lets see how long it take to get a reply from the author.

It says support takes 1 business day - weekends do not count so i imagine they will reply today esp as @MVPThemes are a power elite and clearly reply quickly to item comments

Amazing job, well done! “facepalm”.
Read the terms. Is Monday, it can take a few hours until it will reply to all customers.

You submitted a ticket Saturday morning and I don’t typically answer tickets on weekends. I just responded to the ticket at the Support Center a few minutes ago, so if you have any further questions or issues, please address them there. Thanks!


Wow 3 days with weekend in between for your beer money, that’s just nuts, you should cancel your order most surely and just get that beer! HAHA

Here is my response of all of your comments above. Most of the comments are similar so I am replying at once.

I read the message that it may take up to 1 business day to get a reply. I respected that and waited more than that.

There is nothing mentioned about holidays, At least I did not see anything. There is no global holiday across all the countries and Saturday or Sunday is not holiday in my country as well! I received a confirmation email that my support request has been received, so i was sure that i will get a reply within a day. If there is any such holiday it should have been informed in advance or at least at the time of creating new tickets.

So those of you referre “Holiday” as an excuse here and to your other customers, that is wrong and not acceptable at all. I hope you understand my point on this argument.

thanks you all for your comments.

Weekend days are generally considered as NON business days. This is a common knowledge. Maybe you don’t know that, ok, but giving an author a bad rating because of that is completely unfair to him.